Using Sake Yeast to develop Craft beer in Japan. It is coming this Summer

Doi Sake Brewery, which will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2022, has begun developing a craft beer using sake yeast with Kakegawa Farm Brewing, a craft beer brewer in Kakegawa City.

Meetings began in May 2022, and the first brewing was held on June 16, 2022. They are now moving forward with development for a summer release. This is the first collaboration between a sake brewery and a craft beer brewery in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Since the company was founded in 1872, their flagship product “Kaiun( New Fortune)” has been highly acclaimed not only throughout Japan, but also at product fairs around the world. As they celebrate 150th anniversary this year, they have launched an initiative to seek new possibilities for sake while respecting their traditions.

Comment from the person in charge of development

Yaichi Doi, President of Doi Sake Brewery

We have been making high quality sake with the Kaiun brand at the forefront of our efforts, and as we celebrate our 150th anniversary this year, we have started various new initiatives with companies in Kakegawa City. This is the first time for both our company and Kakegawa Beer to make craft beer using sake yeast. We are looking forward to seeing what kind of beer we can make.

Kakegawa Farm Brewing Tatumi Sugiura
We are very happy to have been asked to start brewing beer using sake yeast. There are craft beers in the prefecture that use sake yeast, but this is the first collaboration between a sake brewery and a craft beer brewery in the same city. We would like to make prototypes so that we can deliver a beer that will meet your expectations.

Company Profile

Company name: Doi Brewery Co.

Head office location: 633 Onuki, Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture
Representative Director: Yaichi Doi
Business description: Planning, production and sales of Japanese sake
Doi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. is a sake brewery with a warehouse in Kakegawa City. With this in mind, the company has begun new initiatives for the future, including the development of events and collaborative products.

Company name: Kakegawa Farm Brewing

Head Office: 3-5, Sakanamachi, Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka
Representative Director: Kemi Sugiura
Business description: Planning, production and sales of craft beer

Kakegawa Farm Brewing is the first craft (local) beer brewery in Kakegawa City, and started full-scale operations in April 2018, working with craft brewers trained in Belgium to create craft beer that actively incorporates local specialties.